Cookie Usage Policy

These cookie usage rules explain what cookies and similar technologies the Foundation “Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism Re:Baltica” (hereinafter – the Foundation) uses on its web pages (,, The terms used in the rules should be understood as they are defined below by the Foundation.


1.1. Cookies are small text files that are sent to the User’s computer memory from a web server and stored on his computer unless the User has forbidden some or all of them in his browser settings. With the help of cookies, the server identifies the user when he opens the site.

1.2. Cookies are divided according to their placement:

1.2.1 Temporary or session cookies – help to coordinate the User’s actions during one browser browsing session, i.e., exist from the moment of opening the web browser until it is closed or until 4 hours from the last access to a web page;

1.2.2 Persistent cookies – are stored on the user’s computer for the duration specified in the cookie and activate each time the user visits the web page from which it was sent.

1.3. Cookie classification according to their affiliation:

1.3.1 First-party cookies – from the visited web page. With the help of these cookies, web pages can store information that is used each time you visit the page. From the point of view of personal data processing, the first-party cookie placer is the responsible processor (or any person authorized by him) who manages the visited pages;

1.3.2 Third-party cookies – are formed, for example, from advertisements of other web pages that are located on the web pages visited by the user. From the point of view of personal data processing, the third-party cookie placer is the responsible processor who is not the same manager of the visited page;

1.4. Cookie classification according to their purpose of sending:

1.4.1 Essential cookies – are necessary to move around the website, use its offered features, and provide the services chosen by the user. Without placing these cookies, the internet home page cannot offer services chosen by the User;

1.4.2 Analytical cookies – collect information on how visitors use the home page, for example, to determine which pages are visited most frequently, as well as to find out if visitors receive error messages. The collected information is combined and made anonymous. The task of these cookies is to improve the functioning of the home page;

1.4.3 Functional cookies – these cookies allow our home page to remember choices made (for example, text size, other web page modifiable properties) and features (user name, used language, or the country of location) and provide enhanced, more personalized options;

1.4.4 Advertising cookies – these cookies allow showing advertisements that are suitable for the user specifically, conduct market research and analysis using the information collected from the user’s visited home pages and interests. The obtained information can be distributed in the advertising network and advertising service providers.


Mandatory cookies used by Re:Baltica without the user’s consent are necessary to ensure access to the website; without these cookies, using the website is not possible. The user agrees to the placement of other cookies by confirming the acceptance of these terms.

The user can freely choose whether to allow the use of functional cookies.

Changing the status of cookies in browser settings

Re:Baltica’s website settings provide an opportunity for the page User to manage all cookies used with his consent, where they can be allowed and prohibited at any time. This option does not apply to mandatory necessary cookies and other cookies for which the User’s consent is not required.

How to disable cookies?

You can control and delete cookies as you wish; for more information, see Users have the option to delete all cookies stored on their computer, and most browsers can be set to block cookies. Note that if you block cookies, you may need to manually adjust some settings each time you visit a website, and some website functions and services may not work or may work limitedly.

Additional information on managing cookies in different browsers is available here:

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If you have previously given consent for Re:Baltica to use cookies but wish to withdraw this consent, click on the icon in the lower left corner of the homepage.